Motion Training on Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint – and other popular programs…

Welcome to the website of YouTube’s MotionTraining. This site will post regular updates about my channel and also contain useful help and information on a wide range of popular computer soiftware.

If you have found the video tutorials I have made helpful then I hope you will support my aims to build this site into a friendly and useful resource that will take away some of the day-to-day frustrations that using a computer – at work or home – can bring.

Some of the programs I have plans to produce training material on include:

Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 & 2010 (EXcel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign

On this site I will be selling training packages as well. Currenty I have one product, which is a package of all my current Excel videos on YouTube, but in full resolution and with upgraded audio on the earlier videos. There are 2 DVD’s in the package. One for playing on a standard DVD or Blu-ray player and one that contains all the videos that you can play on a PC or transfer to mobile devices. On top of that you get all the original files as shown in the tutorials and many other practice files.

For all the details click here.

This site will be updated regularly so please bookmark this site and visit again soon.

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16 Responses to Motion Training on Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint – and other popular programs…

  1. Babs says:

    Thank you! Your videos on Excel are so helpful. Do you plan on doing any videos on quick books?

  2. Justin Hayward says:

    Great Vids !!! Many Thanks.I am wondering if you would be available (near future)as private consultant ? If possible
    kindly e-mail details.Wonderful works in any event !

  3. Alex says:


    Thanks for your great tutorial videos!!

    I was a beginner when I started to watch your videos, now, I am so good at what I do with Excel.

    I wonder if you would be able to put up videos on Microsoft Project.

    Kind regards

    • Guy Badger says:

      Hi Alex. Thanks for the comment. I have no immediate plans for MS project, but I may get around to it later in the year. It’s certainly one I’d like to feature on my YT channel.

  4. Laura says:

    Thank you for your wonderful tutorials on UT. I have been working on Excel, but only on an intermediate level. You have shown me so many different things that I had no idea I could do and some I do already. Thank you again for making easy and free for those of us who can’t afford the price of the expensive DVD’s outthere for sale.

  5. Don says:

    I need more access videos. Excellent! From Long Beach, CA.

  6. Dean says:

    I found your tutorials on Access and I am finally starting to understand how to use it. I can’t seem to find the 4th tutorial. Is it out there somewhere?


  7. Robert Kimberley says:

    I found your Excel lessons easy to follow and remember. That could be partly because you teach with just a few rows and columns to start with. You are covering useful material. I hope you can do the same for Adobe photo shop/elements/ The camera mags do short tutorials but the complete use of it evades me. Simple things like stopping the auto download of pictures on memory sticks or any hardware. Well I can stop it but I want auto download disabled. That’s just an example I can google that answer.

  8. Helena Burnett says:

    I’m not alone in thanking you for the demystefication.Specifically I require statistical analysis on P values confidence intervals for medical research data have u covered this? Ive just watched 19 video tutorials of yours in a row.
    thanks Helena

  9. Irina says:

    Thank you for your tutorials, they are the best I could find from the entire web. Keep on doing this and we are to follow you.
    Thank you!!

  10. Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

  11. TY says:

    Hi, I really like your tutorial and it is much better than the ECDL (European Computer Driving License). It engaged me and I can remember easily. If you can allow download your example spreadsheets and else on your web will be much better too! I am sure you will receive more donations in supporting you keep on running it.
    I am going to donate you for a little support on your greatly help!

    Best regards,
    Mak from Hong Kong

  12. Maranda says:

    Thankfully I just found your Excel 2007 Tutorials on YouTube! You are a fantastic teacher!
    Now I am a new subscriber to your channel.

    You mention in the above post you might post some Adobe tutorials. I would like to know if/when you are going to post those tutorials? I’m VERY interested in continuing my online software education with you.
    Please keep posting!

    Thank you,
    Florida, USA

  13. Norman Byl says:

    We really enjoy your tutorials, they are excellent. Have you made tutorials on YouTube on Excel 2010 for creating and recording Macros for beginners?
    Kind regards,
    Norman from South Africa.

  14. Deana Wood says:

    Hello Guy/Mr Badger
    I’ve just completed the first PowerPoint 2010 tutorial for beginners but cannot find a follow-up. Is there one? I prefer your style to other YouTube presenters, in fact I find it delightful, and am reluctant to switch to another teacher, either online or in the flesh!
    I’ve looked at the upcoming tutorials listed on your site, but couldn’t see another PowerPoint session the in the pipeline.
    Do hope all is well.

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