YouTube schedule update

Hi. I’ve added a page that will detail my upcoming tutorials, so you’re not left wondering what’s coming next. Click here for the details (or click the YouTube tab above).

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2 Responses to YouTube schedule update

  1. Carlisle Talbot says:

    Love your videos! I am still looking for one item: How do you alphabetize the names in your spreadsheets and still keep the data on the same line as each item? For example, how do you put “Casablanca” in front of “Citizen Kane” so the movie titles are in alphabetical order? This would be great to know for such spreadsheets as Christmas Card lists, colleges to look at (what I am currently doing for my daughter), Credit Card balances, etc. Thank you!!!

    • Guy Badger says:

      Hi I’ll be making some Excel database videos soon that will cover sorting lists. In short, all you need to do is click anywhere in the column you want to sort and click the A-Z (or Z-A) button. The important thing is NOT to select the range of data – just click on one cell in the column and Excel will automatically keep the rest of the row togehter. Ensure that you have no blank rows or columns in your table for this to work correctly. There are other ways of sorting your data that I will show in the video. Good luck!

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